Sunday, May 31, 2009

Had a fabulous time in Maui - enjoyed some pretty sunsets, lovely snorkeling, long walks, and even did a jigsaw puzzle.
Stayed pretty much on California time, so I was up early to head out for a 5 mile walk while it was still cool. Read and listened to lots of books - The Robber Bridegroom, Aunts aren't Gentlemen - audio, A Gentleman of Leisure - audio, If Death Ever Slept - audio, Murder on the Orient Express - audio, Five Little Pigs - audio, The Legal Limit, and Fleshmarket alley - audio.

Drank a lot of pinot grigio, and ate too many times at Longhis and Kimo's. Oh, and the local gourmet market - the Honolua Store - that also serves really good meals that all the workingmen come for - had a great variety of goat cheeses from the local Surfing Goat Dairy.

Sam had a bit of a rough time being alone while I was on vacation without Hanna for the first time, but we spent all day together today.

Tomorrow back to work . . . and back on the diet!

How have you been?

My first book for Maggie’s Southern Reading Challenge is the Robber Bridegroom - my first experience with Eudora Welty, and it was not at all what I expected. I expected a more serious author - and maybe she is in her other works, but in the Robber Bridegroom she's created a delightfully unbelievable, far-fetched and bizarre "tall tale."

Many of the elements of a fairy tale are there– Salome, the ugly and wicked stepmother, Rosamond, the beautiful daughter, Clement, the naive and loving father, and Jamie, the handsome hero. The story takes place along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi with "Red Indians", robbers and a few real life American characters (Mike Fink, the Harp Brothers), filling up the bad guy roles. Rosamond's adoring father, Clement Musgrove, is a wealthy planter who meets Jamie at an inn, where he is saved from a savage death at the hands of Fink, and unwittingly brings his disruptive presence into the Musgrove family.

Many deaths, lies, misunderstandings and berry stains later, Rosamond and Jamie do live happily ever after. . . and Rosamond even starts telling the truth. . . well mostly the truth, "it was all true but the blue canopy".

I enjoyed this book a lot, and will definitely look for some more Welty to read.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maui on the 23rd, Maui on the 23rd . . . this is the chant that keeps me going for the next 12 days . . .

My gladiolas are rocking the garden! This is my first stalk of flowers, and it looks like I'll have lots more.

Tuesday nights have become standard lately, watching American Idol and tweeting the performances with LA, Ryan and Kookla on Twitter. Added bonus? Picking out which cliches will be cues to drink! Tonight I enjoyed a lovely glass of Merlot. I'm rooting for Adam, the ummm, flamboyant singer from San Diego. This dude can sing. Second choice, Kris. Run screaming from the room if he wins? Danny Gokey.

Work is busy, but that's good. It allows me to keep the economy recovering by buying lots of sock yarn. I'm pretty much obsessed these days with knitting and wearing cool, hand knit socks. In my defense, I'd like to point out the following - they are comfie and unique, and allow me to wear comfie clogs. The last time I wore heels was to a wedding a few weeks back.

Book wise, I'm enjoying listening to the Jeeves and Wooster books on my iPod, and I'm listening to another good thriller from Joseph Finder - Killer Instinct.

What's going on with everyone else?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Last week was hellish, and I'm still busy, but on a slightly less insane level. This past weekend was nice and relaxing - I parked my car Friday evening and didn't use it again until Monday morning. Sam and I went for a couple long walks and I became enamored with all the pelicans along the coast that were diving for fish. With only my iPhone, I couldn't do much for photos, but here there are a few of them scouting out the coast. They are very big birds, and when they dive bomb from high above the surf it is a sight to see.
Pleased with my finished socks, and I plan to wear them today!My garden is going through its spring growth, and I love it. As you can see, I prefer the overgrown look, but the yellow and green variegated pointy leaved plant is a monarch butterfly plant that should grow to be quite large. I'm pleased to see it poking through the nasturtiums.How is your week shaping up?
For the third summer, I'll be participating in Maggie's Southern Reading Challenge. My books for this year are:

The Robber Bridegroom by Eudora Welty
The Legal Limit by Martin Clark
The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

One in paperback, and two on my iPhone Kindle. Let the reading begin!