Monday, September 07, 2009

Meet the Boys - Calvin and Hobbes! They are green rumped parrotlets that were bred in Florida.
That's Calvin facing the camera and also snacking! C&H arrived on a Delta flight on Friday evening, and we've been getting to know each other. They are about 8 weeks old, and very comical. They are inseparable, but also bicker just a bit like brothers. We're trying out various fruits and vegies and so far, peas and apples are preferred to bananas. If you talk to Hobbes, he bobs and chirps back. Calvin is so far more comfortable with sitting on my finger and taking food from me.

Sam is uninterested in them, which is helpful, especially when they are out of the cage. They love all their toys, and have lovely little chirps. I'm having a blast with them so far.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

This is my mom's dog, Matty. Matty is, indisputably, the love of her life. Poor Matty had a rough start - my friend Shana, who works with a bunch of dog rescue groups, found a shivering little animal near a friend's house in Long Beach. The then mostly hairless little thing was Matty. She's about 8 lbs., and has bad back legs, but has a lot of spunk. With much trepidation on my mom's part, she left Matty with Sam and I for a few days while she went to Vegas. Of course, everything was fine, and Sam was a very good natured, co-hostess.

Sam and I weren't walking a whole lot with Matty in tow, so when she went home, we went for a long walk on Sunday. Sam enjoyed the nice weather!

I'm very excited for the start of the NFL season! Love chilly Sundays, knitting on the couch, watching football, and of course, football pools! Yay, Autumn! When it finally gets here . . . we've been experiencing very hot weather, and many parts of Los Angeles are experiencing dangerous and destructive fires. With cooler weather on the way, hopefully, the situation will get under control.