Saturday, January 20, 2007

I came to realize a few months back that my 7 iron was missing from my golf bag. My immediate reaction was paranoia - that someone had stolen my favorite club. When a modicum of rationality came into play, I realized I'd likely left it at the final hole the last time I had golfed when I had chipped onto the green with it, and then set it down to putt. So I went on eBay to find a replacement club, which I bought and put into my bag.

Today I went and had a golf lesson - using my 7 iron to practice - and the teaching pro couldn't figure out why my posture was so bent over - he and I are about the same height. So we pull out my 5 iron to compare - rather than being an inch shorter, the 7 iron was about 5 inches shorter. Apparently, the seller on eBay neglected to mention it was a club made for little people - really little people . . .


Blogger v said...

That kinda sucks. But at least you're gearing up for that golf tourney. I say you'll win it hands down. Even with a mini 7 iron.

11:18 PM  

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