Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Can Showtime hit another home run after Dexter?

According to the AP:
"David Duchovny, who starred as special agent Fox Mulder in "The X-Files," will return to television in a new Showtime comedy about a self-destructive writer. The 46-year-old actor will play Hank, a novelist whose "obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior — drinks, drugs and relationships — are both destroying and enriching his career," the cable network announced Thursday.
Hank's issues complicate his relationships with his 13-year-old daughter (played by Madeleine Martin) and an ex-girlfriend (Natascha McElhone).

The series will premiere in August, said Showtime Networks Inc., a division of CBS Corp. The show does not yet have a title. "The X-Files" ran from 1993 to 2002."
I still watch X-Files re-runs, and I am a huge fan of Duchovny, even though he hasn't really been in anything I liked since he played Mulder. I hope this show takes advantage of his dry wit and charm. Personally, if I was writing this show, I'd probably drop the undoubtedly precocious daughter and the irritating ex, but what do I know?


Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

The X Files was the last show I watched regularly. (Not because of David, but because of the story line). I thought it was a really great TV show. Lately I can't seem to find the time to watch anything regularly.

4:30 PM  
Blogger EditThis said...

Seriously...my first thought was, "Why did they write in a daughter and ex girlfriend?"

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never watched the show when it was on... but love watching the reruns. Showtime is just coming up with more good show... hopefully this will be another.

And Dexter should be back in a few months:)

4:43 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

dan - howdy! I thought it was a great show too - I also liked how they not only had the alien story line going but they'd sometimes do a pretty fun episode - the one based on "COPS" and the Xmas Eve one with Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin come to mind!

edit - it can't be good when that jumps out so obviously as a misstep

joe - Can't wait for Dexter

8:16 PM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

Humor used to be funny.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Prunella's cousin Edith the poetess said...

His handsome face and
taciturn drollary
capture the fluttering heart of a poetess
oh Agent Mulder
detective of dreams
investigate the alien life forms
at rest in mine x

I would watch but they should lose the ex and daughter.

10:55 AM  
Blogger v said...

I'm a huge, huge X-Files fan! My favorite episode is "Triangle".

I've been waiting for the next X-Files film to come out. The last thing I read, a year or more ago was that they might do it after a film project Cris Carter and Frank Spotnitz were doing. That film project never materialized, so I doubt the X-Files film is near any preproduction. Oh well.

Hopefully Duchovny and Anderson will not be doing anything major in the next 5 years so they can make another X-Files film. I'm not wishing them failure, just not any major success that would interfere with an X-Files film, lol.

12:20 PM  
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