Monday, August 07, 2006

I will pretty much watch any James Bond movie with Sean Connery any time it comes on TV. My favorite one is probably Dr. No, featuring the stunning Ursula Andress and the always cool Sean Connery wearing some of the worst '60s fashions ever seen. No one else could pull off wearing orange pants, belt, shirt and shoes. The movies also always remind me of being a young girl, and going to the drive-in with my family. The routine was always the same - load up the station wagon, and my brother and I would wear our pajamas and have sleeping bags and pillows in the back. On one particularly spectacular night of movie-going, my dad took my brother and me to see a James Bond triple feature - six plus hours of "Bond, James Bond".


Blogger ffleur said...

I love Dr No, esp the opening with the 3 "blind" men. The Jamaica setting was beautiful.

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