Saturday, July 29, 2006

This report from the AP today - -

Seven horses euthanized in Del Mar's opening week
July 29, 2006
DEL MAR, Calif. (AP) -- Seven horses were euthanized after being injured in competition or training during the first week of Del Mar's summer meeting, prompting track officials to seek answers.

SEVEN HORSES WERE PUT DOWN IN ONE WEEK????? While I am concerned about animal welfare in general, I'm not anti-horse racing, by any means - when I was younger, my grandfather had a box at Hollywood Park, and I enjoyed my first day at the races when I was 15; nevertheless, this is outrageous, and yet it barely rates a mention in the news. I guess what is more shocking than the deaths of the seven, is that some effort is being made to save at least one horse - Barbaro. Needless to say, there will be no interruption of the daily race schedule to determine what is leading to all these injuries.


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