Sunday, December 03, 2006

I've been bit by the holiday bug . . .

This year, the holiday spirit is kicking in pretty early for me. Yesterday, I put up my exterior holiday lights on the house, and today I plan to get my tree up and decorated. Hopefully, the extremely high winds won't be a problem. I've also made my gift list, and it seems that with every passing year, 2 things are becoming predominant - gifts that I have made myself, and gift cards. Folks disagree on whether gift cards are impersonal, but I like them. I am only making two knitted gifts this year - a knitted cap for my niece (done!) and knitted socks (made from Bison wool) for my mother (the lace cuffs are killing me - I've started these and ripped them apart - twice). But I will be making lots of earrings for the ladies on my gift list.

If I get my tree up and decorated, I'm going to try and photograph Nanners and Noodles in front of the tree for a holiday card . . . there is about a 10 percent chance that this will be successful.


Blogger prunella jones said...

I like gift cards too. That's what I'm giving all my relatives in Ca. this year cause it's so much easier than trying to mail gifts. Plus I know I'd much rather get a bookstore gift card than another Chia pet of fondue set.

9:14 AM  
Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

We're in the spirit at our house, but not quite done with decorating. We have 2 artificial Christmas trees. The kids have their own little tree that’s completely decorated by the two of them – and is now done. My wife is in charge of the larger family tree, and it’s only half-way put up. No decorations yet, so she has a long way to go. She’s also in charge of the Christmas cards, and they were all mailed last week.

I’m in charge of outside lights, and between the high winds today, and how my head is still spinning from last night’s Christmas party (from my wife’s work), it will have to wait until next Saturday.

I think gift cards are fine, and I think any gift made by someone is really special. I hope those who receive your handmade gifts truly appreciate them. Merry Christmas.

4:12 PM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

Gift cards are awesome.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Marina said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment on my blog
Marina (from France)

9:19 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

I do love gift cards.

Guess what? I'm taking a beginners knitting class in the beginning of January! I'm tres excited. Then, guess what everyone is getting for christmas next year? Thats right. Scarves and socks, baby.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

mishy - right on! welcome to the sisterhood (and a few brothers) of knitting!

12:25 PM  
Blogger LA said...

MISHY! That's great! I'm so happy for you!

5:01 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I LOVE gift cards! It is too much work to return the ugly garments one's relatives buy at random stores that I personally do not shop at or would even want to step into. i.e. J.C. Penny's, Sears, or Wal-Mart. Yes, I know, I am a snob.

11:57 PM  

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