Wednesday, July 25, 2007

These handsome folks are the three polar bears from the San Diego Zoo. When I was a kid, the polar bears were always the most fun exhibit to watch at the SD Zoo. We'd visit in the spring and the baby bears were a delight. I've recently discovered that I can still enjoy the antics of the bears here. I've tuned in a few times recently, and on every visit found the bears playing in the pool.

Addendum - not sure why today the camera is on a dry, bear-free portion of the exhibit!


Blogger EditThis said...

I freaking LOVE polar bears!! Thanks for the link!

11:22 AM  
Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

I can't help but feel sorry for the bears when it's hot and humid like it's been lately. I'll check the link during early morning hours to see if the bears are out when it's cooler.

1:53 PM  
Blogger NY KAT said...

I'll have to check back later...hopefully the bears will be out.

5:11 PM  
Blogger LA said...

Are the Koalas still at the SD zoo?

12:17 PM  
Blogger D.O.M. Dan said...

I checked back today and saw the top of one bear's head at the bottom of the screen. It seemed to be playing in the water - cute.

12:22 PM  
Blogger v said...

These cams are great. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a few of them as well (otters, etc). Great link!

5:19 PM  

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