Friday, June 23, 2006

Ok, it is very difficult to see, but there is a very pretty orange breasted sparrow at the bird feeder. My birdfeeder, bird bath and bird house are my attempt to create a critter friendly environment, and I truly enjoy watching the birds. This is the good news; the bad news is that Hanna caught a sparrow last week, and ate it (head and feet excepted). I feel bad, but I also kind of think that if you are a non-flightless bird, and you can't avoid being pounced on by a 6 year old yellow lab with bad knees, maybe your time has come . . .


Blogger LA said...

When I was growing up, our dog would pluck birds out of the sky that were flying across the yard. She'd just jump up and catch them. I felt bad for the birds, too, and yet it was really something to see. Also, I just kind of felt that this was nature doing its thing.

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