Friday, August 25, 2006

Blog post to ffleur - thanks for the recomendation of the Fethering Mysteries. I just finished listening to Death on the Downs, Torso in the Town, Murder in the Museum and Hanging in the Hotel - not all at once. :-) (I had 4 credits I needed to use within 30 days!) I haven't yet been able to find the first one, Body on the Beach on, or at Barnes and Noble, but I see Amazon has it.

I like the books, and have enjoyed the development of the characters. I find elements of both Jude and Carole that I relate to, but overall, probably identify more with Jude. It's fun how the author, Simon Brett, reveals bits and pieces of both Jude's and Carole's character and history with each book. So, thanks for turning me on to Simon Brett - it's always fun to discover a new writer. I also downloaded one of his Charles Paris mysteries - have you read any of that series?


Blogger ffleur said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Fethering mysteries. No, I've not read any other of Simon Brett's books.

I'm looking forward to hearing how you liked your new one.

10:24 PM  

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